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Who Knew Sallins Case



IRA: They carry out the robbery.


Media:  Very quickly, they identify the IRA as being behind the robbery.


Garda Special Branch: With their informants inside the IRA and the media they know promptly.


G2/Irish Military Intelligence:  They report their intelligence to the Government- based on their informants within the IRA, the media and police.


Taoiseach/PM:  He is fully briefed by the Garda Commissioner and Irish Military Intelligence.


Garda Commissioner Ned Garvey: He knows from his handlers in MI6, Irish Special Branch, media and government contacts.


General Public: The IRA publicly acknowledges the robbery in an historic statement, the first such statement acknowledging a robbery in the 26 Counties (Southern Ireland) in recent history.

Following an international campaign, Breatnach and McNally, convicted for the Sallins robbery, win their appeal. Both conviction and sentence are quashed. 


The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) reviews Sallins Case and finds none of those charged should have been.


General Public

Official Ireland: The President of Ireland grants a presidential pardon to Nicky Kelly, the last of  the Sallins men to be legally exonerated. 

Why were they framed? How high up does the corruption go? Who benefits from the silence?

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