M. Martin


Martin admits Anglo- Irish relations have soured post-Brexit. This is exasperated by Irish Government opposition to the introduction of an historic amnesty for the British state and its agents.

The Irish government insist it is contrary to international law. .’..families should have access to an effective investigation and to a process of justice, regardless of the perpetrators,’ he said.

British negotiators have been hiding behind an argument that if the Irish government can refuse to hold a Sallins Inquiry, then what is good for goose is good for the gander.

This embarrassment for the Irish government comes at a time when every political party in Ireland, North and South, is opposed to the British Amnesty.

Meanwhile, every NGO human rights organisation in Ireland, North and South, supports a public independent inquiry into the Sallins case. In the face of this, Martin is considering his options on the Sallins Case and the Department of Justice is known to have recently reviewed the case.

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Dr. Vicky Conway (BCL,LLM), author and member of the Irish Policing Authority, hosts two podcasts with Osgur Breatnach
who was wrongfully convicted in 1978 of the Sallins Mail Train Robbery.

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