Morton and Coulthard Sallins


The state has claimed that some of the original false statements, purported to be those of the Sallins Men, crucial evidence in the Sallins Case, has been lost. Gardaí wrote the false ‘confessions’ for Sallins accused according to three independent forensic linguistic experts. The statements were used by Gardaí to maliciously convict Brian McNally and Nicky Kelly alongside Osgur Breatnach.


The experts spoke out in two controversial RTE programmes, Wednesday Report and Today Tonight. Dr Andrew Morton, (Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and Research Fellow in statistics at Glasgow University), Dr. Malcolm Coulthard (University of Birmingham) and Michael G. Farrington (University of Wales) carried out the tests.


They examined real passages written by McNally and Kelly alongside copies of their alleged ‘confessions’ and copies of their trial court evidence. In all cases they said the ‘confessions’ were not genuine and ‘not the utterances of McNally or Kelly.’


All three experts had given evidence in the Birmingham Six and Guilford Four miscarriage of justice cases in England. Dr Coulthard’s evidence led to the police’s West Midlands Serious Crime Squad being disbanded,


Another linguistic expert examined the Irish utterances and statement attributed to Osgur Breatnach. He found the Irish in the statement was alien to Breatnach and not an Irish dialect used by Breatnach.


The Irish State, having given immunity from prosecution to the Gardai involved, are still covering up the corruption in the Sallins case. They are refusing to hold an impartial public inquiry demanded by so many (see tickertape on home page ) and by international law.

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