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‘As the seeds of police state develop, Osgur Breatnach re-visits his nightmarish conviction for the Sallins mail train frame-up, his subsequent efforts to quash the conviction and force a public inquiry.’

Inspired by Netflix documentaries of recent years.

 A powerful story about suffering, injustice, resilience and strength.

The witness of the title tells an honest story through his own eyes to give the viewer a unique view of his incredible experience.

Osgur Breatnach reveals how he was wrongly convicted of one of the biggest robberies in Irish history, the Sallins mail train robbery in 1976. 

Subtitled in English. 500,00 plus views


Duration: 52:26

First broadcasrt: 24.07.19

Parental rating: 16



Produced by Tua Films.

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An international award-winning story, told through shocking first-person testimony; the stories of those close to the Breatnach’s; archive footage of the time and, of course, through music.

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