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What’s the Sallins Conspiracy Case all about?

What’s the Sallins Conspiracy Case all about?
Torture, harassment, kidnapping, corrupt trials, suppression of human rights, breaches of Irish and international laws and a continuing cover-up; that’s what the Sallins case is about.


Amnesty & ICCL back inquiry call

Ireland’s two main human rights bodies, Amnesty International and the Irish Council For Civil Liberties, make an historic joint statement calling for Sallins inquiry.


Award-winning Documentaries on the Cover-Up


Netflix inspired, this is an emotional powerful and honestly told story about suffering, strength, injustice and resilience.



Dr. Vicky Conway (BCL, LLM), author and member of the Irish Policing Authority, hosts two podcasts with Osgur Breatnach, wrongfully convicted in 1978 of the Sallins Mail Train Robbery.


2020 Awards New York Festival Radio Irish Music Rights Organisation Law Society’s Justice Media International award-winning documentary narrates the traumatic after-effects caused by the Sallins Case on the Breatnach family.

At the HANDS of the STATE

Faoi Lámha an Stáit TV documentary (subtitled) on the Sallins Case, explaining why Amnesty International condemned Irish policing and unfair trials before the non-jury Special Criminal Court

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