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The Government spokesperson has recently stated that the Sallins Case is not a matter ‘for public concern.’ Is refusal by the Irish Government to comply with international law not a matter for public concern? International law dictates an independent public inquiry is essential when torture is even suspected.

In the Sallins Case torture by oppression has been found as fact by a branch of the High Court.

Amongst those who believe it is a matter of public concern the Chair of European (CCBE) Criminal Law Committee, solicitor James MacGuill, Law Professor Kent University Dermot Walsh, UN consultants International Association of Democratic Lawyers, International Commission of Jurists, Brehon Law Society USA, African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Christian Association for Abolition of Torture, International Commission of Jurists, Geneva, Association for Legal Justice, Irish Council for Civil Liberties, Amnesty international and many others.

For a fuller list see Who Speaks Out Demanding Truth 

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